Coriglia, C.V.



Students, Faculty and Alumni from Saint Anselm College as well as other volunteers are digging Italy this May and June. Our excavation is at Coriglia near Castel Viscardo, a town located at the southwest edge of Umbria approximately eight miles northwest of Orvieto.  Preliminary inspection of the area had indicated the remains of what was considered to be a Roman villa.  Our first season (2006) uncovered many intriguing finds which posed more questions than answers.  The 2007 season expanded trenches unearthing roads, walls, rooms, fistulae and numerous artifacts.  But still we discovered nothing definitive about the use of the site.  In 2008, finds indicated a large monumental wall across the upper width of the site as well as a large network of fistulae in trench C.  Last season (2009), significant finds included: a large pool (vasca), post holes and collapsed roofs of archaic Etruscan buildings, a hypocaust system for a Roman bath and money ranging from the 5th c. BC to the 5th c. AD. The Roman villa hypothesis has now been replaced by one of religious use, with evidence strongly pointing to a sanctuary dating back to the Etruscans. 

This website will follow the 2010 Season, which, with a contingent of over 30 participants, promises to make even greater strides in unearthing the key to unlock the mystery of Coriglia.

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