Under the directorship of Prof. David B. George and Dr. Claudio Bizzarri, students, faculty and alumni from Saint Anselm College as well as volunteers from all over North America are digging Italy this May and June. Our excavation is at Coriglia near Castel Viscardo, a town located at the southwest edge of Umbria approximately eight miles northwest of Orvieto.  

Over the past six seasons, we have uncovered evidence for occupation of the site dating from the 8th c. BCE all the way to the 16th c. CE (as well as random realia from World War II.) To date, the site’s strongest phases are Etruscan and Roman (Republican, Early Imperial and Late Antique).

This website will follow the 2011 Season, which, with a contingent of over 40 participants, promises to make even greater strides in unearthing the key to unlock the mystery of Coriglia.