Podcast 6/27

Podcast Notes

Today Keenan and Kalli work in the Photo Lab cataloguing and using the XRF machine. Laura digs and exploration trench in C South finding the floor of the Vault. Michae T. works in C North finding pottery and fresco.



Podcast 6/21 "Tattoo Pact "

Podcast Notes

Gina continues to excavate in C North. Kelsey helps Jade take samples from Cavita and cleans up Crocifisso. Jianing works in C South, finding steps to the vault near the infamous 'demon wall'. Joan labels pottery in the Lab. Kristin finds more stone tesserae in C Central. Michael hunts for coins in Trench A.

Podcast 6/15 "Press Play"

Podcast Notes

Hannah describes the new finds in Trench A. Adam works in Photo Lab. Joonho works with Kelsey in the Cavita finding medieval pottery from the 13th-16th centuries. Tina works in C South finding the edge of the vault. Gina discovers a piece of an ancient window pane in C North. Erin and Michael work with Tania in Lab. Kemeng works in Middle C bringing down locus 662.

Podcast 6/13 " The Trench Fugees"

Podcast Notes

Tessa mourns the closing of Trench F. Kelsey does some housekeeping in the Cavita. Tina works with Tania washing pottery in the Lab. Hannah works in Locus 56 articulating, finding bucchero and tile. Bliss in C North works on Locus 658, uncovering a new wall. Joonho straightens out the wall in C Central, finding an amphora.

Trench Tunes: Adam Savat


We're kicking off a new feature today. I asked Adam Savat, a rising senior at Brown to give me a list of songs he's been listening to in the field. Below are some tracks that Adam chose to share.


Podcast 6/8 "Rain Dance"

Podcast Notes

Today on the podcast Gina shares an exciting new discovery in C North. Grace spends her second day on the excavation working in the Lab. Keenan works in C Middle articulating a puzzling line of charcoal in a wall collapse. Adam exposes more sections of a wall, which may possibly lead to another vault.

Student Profile: eamon Dawes


On Monday, Eamon and I sat down at Obelix. We both graduated from Saint Anselm College this past May, Eamon with a degree in computer science. With a programming background he has been able to assit the dig in an important and I think surprising way.


Podcast 6/7 "Back At It Again"

Podcast Notes

Today marks the first day back in the field for the whole crew since last wednesday. Laura shares the progress in C South. Michael details the happenings in the Lab. We're also joined by two new crew members, Bliss and Joonho, current students from Phillips-Exeter Academy.

Podcast 6/4 "Darlene's Fury"

Podcast Notes

Today on the podcast we’re joined by Darlene, head of C North. She and Gina continue to move locus 646. Adam digs C South in the afternoon finishing a pass in locus 663, possibly finding another entrance to the vault. Kelsey helps Cally and Prof. Donais XRF (x-ray fluorescence) walls in the Cave. John helps Linda and Angela in the Lab.

Podcast 6/3 "Rain Delay"

Podcast Notes

Kelsey, Eamon, and Adam join on the podcast. Kelsey gets a visit from "Bob-Cat". Eamon shares how with some extra help, the Photo Lab has been able to make great progress. Adam brings news from the cataloguing lab and talks about Erica's archeo-botany lecture.

Podcast 6/1 "Banter"

Podcast Notes

Taylor in Trench A removes locus 133 and finds a coin. Tina from C South begins a pickaxe pass in locus 663. Michael takes out a wall in the cave with Paolo and Kelsey. Keenan photographs a large brazier in the lab. Kristin from C Central takes down locus 662 finding a line of charcoal and a lot of tesserae. Erin in C North digs locus 646 finding a game piece. In Trench F, Kat takes away the top of locus 68.

Student Profile: Kelsey Latsha


Kelsey and I first met the summer after our freshman year on the excavation. As a member of the excavation for all four years of her undergraduate career, Kelsey has spent more than six months studying archaeology in Italy. She’s worked in Cavita 254 for the past three seasons.


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